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About us


Corywear was established in 2018 with a single polo shirt as its humble beginning. Since then, the brand has flourished to encompass an extensive range of products, including high-performance sportswear, stylish seasonal resort apparel, and much more. With a commitment to using only the finest raw materials and cutting-edge fabric innovations, we collaborate with the world's most skilled yarn spinners, artisanal workshops, and highly specialized factories.


New fashion

It's all about lifestyle

Our design philosophy at Corywear is truly unique.

Better Things In a Better Way.


Drawing inspiration from fashion trends and combining it with the heritage of exquisite craftsmanship spanning decades, we strive to provide you with an exceptional and comfortable dressing experience.

Meet Our Team

Behind Corywear stands a dedicated team of designers and purchasers who tirelessly source high-quality raw materials and engage in ongoing fashion seminars to develop fresh design concepts and secure top-notch materials. Each product series is supported by a dedicated team, which includes buyers, designers, assistants, market analysts, and team managers. They collectively brainstorm and analyze popular styles, colors, fabrics, and retail prices, ensuring that we offer you the best value for your money. Our round-the-clock professional customer service team is always at your service, providing pre-sales consultation, logistics tracking, and efficient after-sales support. We are here to ensure you have an outstanding shopping experience.


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