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Why men love wearing jeans
01.08.2024 | corywear | NEWS

In fact, from its invention in the late 19th century through the history of denim, its popularity during World War II and its eventual export to the rest of the world, if any piece of clothing can be said to have stood the test of time, it's the variety in your wardrobe. Jeans style. This is how denim rules the world.

The story of jeans begins in 1873, when Jacob Davis, a tailor from Nevada, bought a pair of sturdy trousers for local workers. The fabric he uses is called Serge de Nime, a tough indigo cotton twill originally from France. To reinforce the pockets, Davis popped the pocket rivets, and blue jeans were born. Although Davis didn't know it at the time, he had just invented what would become the world's most popular and durable pants. But even then, his creation was so popular with local workers that Davis wrote to his fabric suppliers suggesting that they jointly patent the new trousers.

Jeans and the Wild West
For your average cowboy, his blue jeans are simply durable work pants that can take a beating without falling apart. But even as the heyday of the Old West faded, a booming film industry quickly captured the American imagination as it sought to capture the romance of an era of freedom, adventure and wide-open spaces.

Beginning in the 1930s, Western films featuring wild, gun-fighting cowboys on horseback resonated with the public, and their cowboy boots, blue jeans (especially blue jeans) earned an iconic status in their minds.

Jeans and wartime expansion
Now we come to World War II. In 1942, the first American GIs arrived in the UK with their denim trousers. For the young air crews who launched flying fortresses on desperate flights into Nazi-occupied Europe, their blue jeans were a treasured treasure at home. But, for the British, these new trousers were revolutionary. Pre-war Britain was a very traditional, class-bound society, with the aristocracy ruling the place - they had a saying: "Every man knows his place". For young Brits, the arrival of well-fed, gum-laden Americans opened their eyes to a new, more elite society in which you could dream of becoming big. , and make those dreams come true through hard work and effort. For them, America's blue jeans became a bold symbol of freedom – something they desperately needed to be imitated in drab wartime Britain.

How to choose a pair of jeans
When you choose a pair of denim pants, look for quality every time. The best, on-trend riveted denim should fade over the years, adapt itself to your body, and always look incredible. Make shoes that fit you. Pair regular straight-leg jeans with brogues, loafers or casual boots. When you wear cowboy boots or western boots, you need a boot denim. Just leave the low-slung skinny jeans for the younger guys and opt for a more flattering cut and waist.

How to wear jeans
For casual wear, blue jeans are a no-go. Pair your flannel shirt with a sturdy fisherman sweater. If it's cold outside, try wearing a jacket. Blue is the most popular choice, but there's no need to stick to light denim for a casual look. We also love dark indigo jeans. A simple shirt, corded jacket and a pair of Chelsea boots give a sophisticated look suitable for most stylish casual occasions. Click on corywear men's clothing website to learn more about fashionable men's jeans and more fashion online!