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Style Guide of Men's Polo
03.11.2024 | corywear |

Everything you need to know about choosing the right polo shirt.Is it time to add some new polo shirts to your wardrobe? For us, the answer is always an emphatic “yes.” The beauty of men's polo shirts is their versatility. So, as suppliers of Men's Polo Shirts, allow us to assist you in your search. In this guide, you'll find everything you need to know about choosing a polo shirt that suits your body shape, personality and taste, as well as some helpful tips on styling your polo shirt for a complete and sophisticated look.

Where do men’s polo shirts originate from
Contrary to popular belief, the polo shirt as we know it today was invented for tennis. In the 1920s, French tennis player Rene Lacoste wanted to design a shirt that was more comfortable than the traditional long-sleeved button-down shirt. His wonderful invention? You guessed it: men’s polo shirts. The garment he designed was a white cotton pique shirt with short sleeves and a slightly longer hem to prevent the shirt from unraveling during games. By the 1930s, polo shirts were so popular that polo players adopted the innovative style, and the term "polo shirt" was coined. As expected, it didn't take long for polo shirts to become popular among celebrity circles. Clint Eastwood, James Dean and Pharrell Williams all score style points with the help of tailored polo shirts.

How to match polo shirts
At corywear we use only the highest quality materials and our attention to detail is second to none. That's why we're proud to be your polo destination of choice, whether you're looking for a tailored polo or a more casual polo style. Men's polo shirts are versatile in nature, but choosing the right style depends on the occasion and your personal taste. We offer three hero styles that combine classic polo cuts with details you won't find anywhere else.

Fitted polo shirt
Fitted polo shirts come in many shapes and sizes, but our favorite is fitted polo because of its unique, streamlined silhouette. We crafted the Polo according to the principles of a well-tailored men's shirt: a clever two-part collar, a shaped hem and sewn-in button cuffs. Open, non-restrictive neckline and sculpting hem that can be worn unbuttoned to elongate the torso. When it comes to well-fitting polo shirts, they're practical, beautiful, and easy to wear. You can choose from soft, lightweight linen or a long-sleeved merino wool style. The texture of terry terry has caught people's attention for many reasons, not least because it has been the signature style of generations of 007 agents. Although the terry cloth is soft and velvety smooth, it exudes boundless courageous energy. Just the right amount of unconventional for the perfect poolside companion, our polo shirt features a vintage-inspired resort placket, a tailored fit and side vents to maintain shape while seated. Straight hem polo shirts are also great for wearing untucked.

Casual fit polo shirt
A range of more casual styles, with your choice of short, simple two-button fly or smart zip fly. The sturdy ribbed collar adds a sporty edge that won't look out of place on the tennis court. A soft, luxurious polo with a hint of drama in subtle striped detailing, perfect for casual days. Whether you're lounging on the coast or working out, it's a must-have for your weekend wardrobe