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Bomber Jacket vs Flight Jacket
01.15.2024 | corywear | NEWS

Before going any further, we need to define what bomber jackets and flight jackets are, and specifically how they differ from each other. The basic answer is classification. Bomber jackets are worn by bomber crews, and flight jackets are worn by pilots and other air personnel. There's also a notable difference in design. Bomber planes were designed to reach high altitudes for the purpose of strategic bombing. The air pressure is lower at higher altitudes, which causes the air to be colder. For this reason, men bomber jackets need to be warmer than other flight jackets. That being said, the terms are often used interchangeably, and we'll be using them interchangeably in this article.

The A-1 Jacket
Developed in 1927, the A-1 was the first flight jacket in history. It was made from animal leather, although there wasn't a standard type of leather. Various models were made from sheep, goats, and, in some cases, horses. Not all of the material was made from leather, though. The sleeves and waist were knitted, which kept the jacket fitting tightly. This trapped heat closer to the body, keeping the pilots warmer.

The A-2 Jacket
The direct successor to the A-1, the A-2 jacket was used by some of the most famous units of World War II, including the Flying Tigers, a group of American volunteers who took to the skies in 1941. It became the standardized uniform for the Air Corps, which was renamed the Air Force after WWII. During WWII, these were made from goat leather and cotton. When the troops came home in 1945, civilians took note of their jackets. A market sprang up for leather bomber jackets among civilians, and this flight jacket became iconic. This jacket made history in more ways than one, though. The world soon entered into the 1950s, and a new type of fashion trend, the greaser look, launched men bomber jackets into even greater fame.You can even get your own A-2 jacket in our shop.

G-1 Flight Jacket
The G-1 is a bomber jacket that soon gained popularity among younger generations. This is mostly owing to the G-1's use by the stars of 1986's Top Gun. However, this flight jacket is far older than the 1980s. The G-1 is the official flight jacket of the US Navy and has been since WWII. It's gone through a few changes over time, but it's still the same jacket. The G-1 flight jacket started its life as the M-422, a Navy flight jacket that had been in use for a few years before it was officially named. It wasn't renamed until 1947. Though it hasn't served continuously, it has been in use for most of the past eighty years. For instance, a version of the G-1 exists without the fur collar. In the 1990s, the military limited the number of insignias a pilot could have on their G-1 jacket.

Bomber Jackets: The Old and the New
Bomber jackets and flight jackets have gone through quite a few changes over the years. We've talked about a few of these changes in this article, but there have been a lot of design changes over the years that we didn't have room to cover. We encourage you to visit our site if you want to know more about bomber jackets and related gear. Do you have a bomber jacket, but still think the look is missing something?